Understanding Shopify’s Website Builder

Understanding Shopify’s Website Builder

Ecommerce. While there was a time the masses were not aware of what Ecommerce was, now it has become a staple in the minds of many. If you are looking to delve into the world of Ecommerce by setting up your Ecommerce websites, the first thing you will need is an Ecommerce websites builder.

The Ecommerce solution Shopify offers is the top websites builder in the market. It is essential to choose the best websites builder 2018 has to offer. This ensures that the final Ecommerce experience is up to mark. Moreover, it has also been observed that Shopify emerges on top in Ecommerce platforms comparison.

Features of Shopify Ecommerce builder

Here is what Shopify offers.

14-day free trial

One of the best things about Shopify is that this Ecommerce solution provider delivers a website builder free trial. This 14-day trial allows you to gauge whether the platform is good enough to set your Ecommerce store on. Among the various Ecommerce platforms in the market, only a few offer such a solution. It has one of the best free Ecommerce website builder trials.

A holistic solution

Shopify is considered to be a top websites builder due to its ability to deliver a holistic solution. The builder is equipped with all the tools requires to create your store quickly and start selling online within seconds. The store setup process is straightforward. Rather than getting confused about the process, Shopify delivers the tools needed to make your store in no time, thereby ensuring convenience. Aquí puede ver más artículos sobre Ecommerce Website Click 

Shipping integration

One of the best things about Shopify is that it is integrated with all the major carriers of the world. Since shipping is an integral part of Ecommerce, this feature helps in integrating a core function with the platform. This helps customers in tracking their orders which is bound to be appreciated.

Design and templates

Ecommerce website designs and Ecommerce websites templates are integral features of any store. This allows your store to have a distinct identity. Shopify offers quite a range of designs and templates for its users to choose from.

Secured data

In the world of data breaches, everyone wishes to ensure that their data is protected. At Shopify, all data is protected by Level 1 PCI compliant security.


Shopify surely is the best website builder of 2018. Do give it a try and find out for yourself.